Experience Huntly

Aberdeenshire North Foodbank – Huntly Centre

We provide at least three days of food for those who are struggling to put a meal on the table and provide things like toiletries and pet food as well. We provide a delivery service if required to those who stay out of the town.

If you are finding it difficult to find money for food, you should consider if the Scottish Welfare Fund can help you with a cash grant first. If you cannot get money for food, we work on a referral basis so if you require support from us you will need to be referred from another agency such as a money advice service (Gordon Rural Action/ Citizen’s Advice) a support charity, housing, social work, health. You may already have support from someone so ask them to refer you to us if you do.

We know it can be difficult to ask for help, but please do – we treat your referral confidentially.

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