Experience Huntly

Castle Bridge / Elgin's Bridge

Likely 17th Century, the Castle Bridge (also know as Elgin's Bridge) over the River Deveron is located between Huntly Castle and Huntly Lodge (Huntly Castle Hotel). Located in an area of significant historic interest, is a single span, semi-circular arch rubble bridge of 40 feet with a narrow carriage width of nearly 9 feet and wider approaches. Information from Aberdeenshire Council in 2013 shows medieval masons marks on some of the stones, suggesting very early origins for this bridge although, as was common with this type of structure, it may have been repaired and rebuilt to some extent over the centuries. The 'Old Statistical Accounts of Scotland' (1791-99) note that the bridge made journeys northward to Keith and Portsoy possible during periods of flood. Today, it is considered a beautiful landmark and is the subject of many photographs taken by locals and visitors alike.

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