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Duke of Richmond Statue

Located in The Square in Huntly, the statue was erected as a memorial of Charles Gordon Lennox, Fifth Duke of Richmond by the Tenantry of the Lordship of Huntly in 1862. It is a large pedestrian statue of red sandstone, depicting the Duke standing, side-whiskered and robed, on a tall, squared battered plinth, with red granite panels in the base. The inscription reads 'Erected as a memorial of Charles Gordon Lennox, fifth Duke of Richmond by the tenantry of the Lordship of Huntly, 1862'.

At the foot of the statue are two standing stones, the standing stones of Strathbogie. Six stones survived until the Duke of Richmond's statue was erected, when all but three of the stones were removed. Two of the remaining stones have been placed against the pedestal of the statue. One of the stones bears the Pictish symbols of a horse-shoe and the possible traces of a double disc, but have been badly weathered over time.

(Photo Credit: George Mackie)

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