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Huntly & District Swift Group

Formed in 2017, we are a group of volunteers dedicated to the conservation of the Common Swift, a bird now in serious decline. The Common Swift is an iconic migratory bird of summer that rely solely on our urban environment but numbers have halved in the last 23 years due to unsympathetic building repairs.

This bird is clean living and does no harm and we work hard to raise awareness of it within local communities. We work across the North East of Scotland offering presentations to groups and schools, outdoor swift watching events in season, we have an annual nest box scheme and enjoy fundraising at local markets and shows. Much time is spent working closely with local authorities and communities to ensure the protection of active nest sites which we survey for each year. We also encourage the installation of swift bricks in new build developments.

We have won two awards for our work and welcome volunteers to survey in the summer.

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