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Valeria B Studio

ValeriaBStudio is an online shop with colourful and whimsical hooded scarves, snoods and neck warmers, all made out of fleece and unique embroidery.

Eclectic and wonderful fashion accessories to make your wardrobe look more beautiful and extraordinary. And to keep you warm even in the coldest of winters day.

* All designs are made in fleece fabric which is great for keeping warm but if the temperature changes suddenly , as it often does in our British weather, you won’t feel overwhelmed. It feels really soft against the skin also.

* Every scarf is embellished with embroidered symbols like butterflies and flowers. These are done in house using free motion which is like drawing with a needle and thread and no design is exactly like the next.

* All products are done in small quantities. So you will own something that not many have.

Wether you prefer something with a hood, a neck warmer, or just a simple snood, each one of these products will do more than to protect you from the weather, they will bring colour and a bit of poetry to a winters day.

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