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Huntly Time Capsule - What Would You Include?

Huntly Time Capsule - What Would You Include?

By Experience Huntly on 11/04/2022

Work at Number 30 The Square (aka Cruickshanks) is moving on at a brisk pace and Huntly DT have a wee request for the town. 

One of the most fascinating elements of the redevelopment work has been the many objects found in the walls and beneath the floors. These have created a kind of time capsule for the history of the building.

HDT would like to leave a similar legacy, a memory of the town and the local folk, and they plan to bury a new time capsule beneath the floor. To do that they need help from the local community! 

What do you think should go in the capsule? It’s important that whatever is put in there represents Huntly in 2022. A moment in our time, our history. 

It would be hugely helpful if you can get the item you suggest, or if you know someone who can. 

As the space in the time capsule will be limited, here’s a few tips:

  • Items should be representative of right here, right now. We want future finders to have a real taste of our town, our country, our home and our world in 2022
  • Items should not be perishable, valuable, or irreplaceable. Once it’s in the box consider it gone!
  • Items should ideally be self explanatory (like a train or event ticket with the details printed on it)
  • Space in the box is limited so smaller items are preferable 

Please drop off items to Orb's Bookshop marked FAO Dawn before Monday 18 April


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